Enigma: The Life of Knut Hamsun

Henrik Ibsen A New Biography

Henry Miller A Life

The Short Sharp Life of T. E. Hulme

Life Lessons from Kierkegard

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The Hammer and the Cross - a history of the vikings

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Intriguing ...the intellecual rewards are plentiful...Provides a significant deepening of our knowledge of the Viking Age

Kirkus Reviews

Christianity will loom the larger in the Viking story from now on, thanks to Robert Ferguson’s fascinating The Hammer and the Cross

The Scotsman Christmas Books

...a lively and gripping account of the Vikings’ journeys across the known world and their unpredictable responses to the arrival of Christianity in their own homelands.

Carolyne Larrington in Literary Review

The reasons for the great Viking outreach, the slow and confusing Scandinavian encounter with the arrival of Christianity, and the slow death of the Viking project are all here in this brave, engaging book

Jonathan Wright in The Tablet

Intricate and thoughtful ...a gripping account

Dan Jones in The Times

Ferguson adds another layer to our perception of our origins in this compelling and often poignant account of a pagan warrior society faced with Christianity on the march

The Independent on Sunday Christmas Books