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cover - Respekt by Robert Ferguson

I began my writing career as a radio dramatist and still occasionally write radio plays. To me it’s one one of the most demanding, satisfying and mysterious of all literary forms. My early favourites included Giles Cooper, Samuel Beckett, Joe Orton, Tom Stoppard and Don Haworth.

Original Radio Plays

Respekt (NRK Oslo, 2005) dir. Nils Nordberg. With Gard Eidsvold, Lasse Lindtner, Bjørn Skagestad, Tone Danielsen.

Respect (RTE Dublin 2004) dir. Kate Minogue

The Clock of the Years (RTE Dublin, 2002) dir. Kate Minogue. With Boscoe Hogan

Dr Ibsen’s Ghosts (BBC Radio 3, 2001) dir. Ned Chaillet. With Paul Scofield, Morag Hood, Edna Dore, Michael N.Harbour. Music: Julie Cooper

cover Ibsen

Dr Ibsens gjengangere (NRK Oslo 1999) dir. Nils Nordberg. With Ole Jørgen Nilsen, Marit Bolling, Mona Hofland, Trond Høvik

Science Fiction (BBC World Service 1989) dir. Gordon House

A Sad Pavan for these Distracted Times (BBC Radio 3, 1988 (?)) dir. John Tydeman. With Robin Bailey.

Dreams Secrets Beautiful Lies (BBC Radio 3, 1987) dir. Richard Imison. With Diana Quick, Charles Kay, Emma Glasner.

Transfigured Night (BBC Radio 3, 1984) dir. John Tydeman. With Clive Francis, Moir Leslie, Mark Rolston, Anthony Hall. Elissa S.Guralnick’s passionate defence of this neglected genre Sight Unseen: Beckett, Pinter, Stoppard and Other Contemporary Dramatists on Radio (Athens, Ohio, 1996) includes a chapter on Transfigured Night

The Smell of the Seaweed, the Roar of the Fish (BBC Radio 3, 1982) dir. Richard Imison.

Westmorland (BBC Radio 4, 1981 (?)) dir. Kay Patrick. With Peter Faulkner and Janet Rawson.


Translations and adaptations for BBC Radio

Hombre by Elmore Leonard dir. Sasha Yevtushenko

The Lady from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen dir. Peter Kavanagh

When We Dead Awaken by Henrik Ibsen

Pan by Knut Hamsun. dir. Anthony Vivis. With  Robin Ellis and Lynsey Baxter

Hunger by Knut Hamsun. dir. Anthony Vivis. With Stephen Rea

Christianity at Glacier by Halldor Laxness

The Mind of a Mnemonist by A.R.Luria (as The Memory Man)



Published Drama
Radio plays - 1986  Radio plays 1984

Respekt (Solum, Oslo 2005)

Dr Ibsens gjengangere (CoMedia, Oslo 1999)

Best Radio Drama 1986 (Methuen, London 1987, contributor)

Best Radio Drama 1984 (Methuen, London 1985, contributor)

Film and Television

Gåten Knut Hamsun, a 6-part dramatisation for NRK (Oslo) of my biography of Knut Hamsun (1997). As co-writer. I also co-wrote the full-length feature film derived from the series (1996). See

Dreams Secrets Beautiful Lies (BBC2 tv, 1987) An adaptation for television of the radio play of the same name. dir David Tucker. With David Burke, Clare Higgins, Sophie Bold.